Oji often have what would be thought of as clever marketing tools to give pilgrims a reason to visit them. Nakayama Oji is one of these shrines. It is dedicated to straw sandals. In old times, pilgrims wore straw sandals that wore down pretty fast depending on the lay of the land. Travelers often had to buy or make new sandals. There are still places along the Kumano Kodo where you can find people making the sandals. Nowadays, they are mostly bought by fishermen who where them instead of boots.
Nakayama Oji Iwashiro Oji Senri Oji Minabe Oji Haya Oji Dedachi Oji Akitsu Oji Maro Oji Misu Oji Yagami Oji

Nakayama Oji is in the town of Minabe. Haya Oji marks the entrance into the city of Tanabe. Yagami Oji is near the boundary between Tanabe City and Kamitonda Town.